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Welcome to our 2016 Hail Mary Pickem Contest!

What is the Hail Mary Pickem Contest and how do I play?
The Hail Mary Pickem Contest is a new "pickem" contest that merges High School Football, College Football and NFL. Each week players get to pick who the winner will be out of 10 games. To start... click the "Registration" tab and get registered to play for the next 15 weeks. Each week make sure you pick your winning teams. Picks CLOSE AT 4PM EACH FRIDAY, so make sure your picks are done before then. You can choose to pick all 15 weeks at once or pick each week.

What are the Prizes?
We have some amazing WEEKLY Prizes. The winner of each week will win an Overnight stay and Buffet at Cactus Petes in Jackpot, Nevada. The runner up will receive a $25 gift card to the Magic Valleys Best Sports Bar, Anchor Bistro and Bar. The grand prize winner for the Hail Mary Pickem Contest will be tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl in Las Vegas Nevada!.

Can I play with a "private group" of friends and family?
Yes. After you register and log in, just click on the my groups tab. Next click on "Create a Private Group" and follow the instructions.

A Special Thanks to Our Amazing Sponsors:
Cactus Petes in Jackpot, Nevada; Anchor Bistro & Bar at 334 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. in Twin Falls; Adventure Motorsports at 2469 Kimberly Road in Twin Falls; Tony's 2T at 2374 Addison Ave. E. in Twin Falls, Clearwater Power Equipment at 252 Washington St. in Twin Falls; and Tekfinity at 460 Main St. S. in Twin Falls.

Week One Winners:
1st: Criss Robbins & 2nd: Tyrell Porter

Week Two Winners:
1st: Dirk Olsen & 2nd: Josh Hutchinson

Week Three Winners:
1st: Linda Bancroft & 2nd: Bob Leazer

Week Four Winners:
1st: Jeremy Bowman & 2nd: Scott Whiteley

Week Five Winners:
1st: Joel Hall & 2nd: Isabel Rodriguez

Week Six Winners:
1st: Steve Lins & 2nd: John Miles

Week Seven Winners:
1st: Genevive Olivas & 2nd: Carson Monroe
1st: Missy Rogalsky & 2nd: Anja Rodriguez

Week Eight Winners:
1st: Ron Jones Jr. & 2nd: Missy Rogalsky

Week Nine Winners:
1st: David Molina & 2nd: Reggie Jarvis

Week Ten Winners:
1st: Linda Boncoft & 2nd: Danny Archuleta

Week Eleven Winners:
1st: Shannon LeMaster & 2nd: Maribel Perez

Week Twelve Winners:
1st: Carlos Rodriguez & 2nd: Kathie Kudart

Week Thirteen Winners:
1st: Raechel Dalos & 2nd: Jessie Olsen

Week Fourteen Winners:
1st: Gary Holiman & 2nd: Jarrett VanBiezen

Contest Contacts:
Macie Heath - macieheath@leeradio.net
Sage Lee - sagelee@leeradio.net

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